patch panel automation

Echola's Optical Patch Panel Automation Switch allows test engineers/system developers to configure testbed connections dynamically from a remote location. This switch reduces retooling time because it does not need to make any physical fiber connections for each set of tests, so more testing can be performed with fewer resources. Because it provides all-optical connectivity, it can be used with any protocol and at any speed. Unlike O.E.O conversion switches, you do not need expensive transceivers for each port. The all-optical connectivity also has the advantage of low latency as it doesn't use another conversion layer.

 Echola Systems offers two different solutions for Patch Panel Automation.

1. OS series n(1xN) custom switch

os3012 1xN switch n1xN switch illustration

1xN optical switches have one input and multiple (N) outputs. The input light can be switched to any one of the output at any given time. The switching speed is less than 5ms. The n(1xN) optical switches have multiple(n) such 1xN switches in single enclosure controlled by one network management module. There are couple of the popular models in n(1xN) category: OS414 supports 4(1x4) duplex optical switches in single enclosure and OS3012 supports 100(1x2) duplex optical switches in single enclosure.  For other custom port configurations and price, contact

OS3012 Electrical Specifications
Input Power 100-240 AC
Total Power Consumption 10 Watts
Serial Port 1x RS232
Networking 1x 10/100 Ethernet
Optical Specifications
Optical connectivity 300 Duplex Multimode LC ports
Data rate No limitation - Physical Layer Switch
Wavelength (nm) 850/1300
Optical Technology 2x4 Electro-mechanical-optical switch
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.5 Typical, 0.8 Max.
Switching Time (ms) 10
Crosstalk (dB) -80
Repeatability (dB) 0.1
Mechanical & Environmental
Durability (Cycles) > 10 7
Chassis (RU) 10
Dimension (inch) 19 (W) x 14 (D) x 17.5 (H)
Operating Temperature range (C) -20 ~ 75
Storage Temperature range (C) -40 ~ 70
Humidity 5 ~ 85 % RH

For more details on OS414, click here to download user manual.

For more details on OS3012, click here to download user manual.


2. OMS series MxN matrix switch

MxN matrix optical switch - 4x4 OMS Cross-Connect switch The OMS series switch is a  non blocking matrix switch that allows light to be switched from any input port to any output port. We offer up to 250 x 250 ports in either single-mode or multi-mode version. The power consumption of fully loaded unit is less than 10 Watts! The figure on right side illustrates how a 4x4 matrix switch works. The 4x4 matrix is essentially eight 1x4 switches connected as shown. You can click on the figure to enlarge it. It shows simple config where the switch is programmed to connect input port 1 to output port 1, input port 2  to output port 3, input port 3 to output port 2 and input port 4 to output port 4. But it can be programmed to switch light to any input port to any output port through GUI or CLI command. The switching time is  about 1 second. Echola's OMS series offers six different standard configurations.

We currently offer up to 32-channel matrix switch, which is available only in the single-mode version. For custom configurations and prices, contact

Model # Ports # Port Pairs(Tx/Rx) Chassis
OMS64 32x32=64 16x16=32 2RU
OMS128 64x64=128 32x32=64 3RU
OMS192 96x96=192 48x48 = 96 4RU
OMS256 128x128=256 64x64=128 6RU
OMS384 192x192=384 96x96=192 8RU
OMS500 250x250=500 125x125=250 10RU
OMS spec

Click here to download the user manual of OMS series MxN matrix switch.

Click here to download the datasheet of OMS series MxN matrix switch.

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