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Echola Systems smart switched PDUs are low cost but high quality power distribution units with unique features such as outlet level monitoring. All models of switched PDU support individual outlet level current monitoring that can be used to identify energy abusing equipment and, thus help you save money. It also provides daily/monthly reports on average current/energy consumption. The remote on, off or reboot feature can be used to reboot locked-up equipment from anywhere. This feature also helps to save energy by shutting down unused equipment through scheduled shutdown and Master outlet control features. The built-in temperature sensor can be used to identify poor cooling/hot spots and, thus help to make cooling more efficient, for instance, by creating clear path to the high density equipment/racks. The individual outlet level overload protection feature not only protect equipment from overload but also prevents downtime of other equipment connected to same switched PDU as well as the equipment on the same electrical circuit.

All models of switched PDUs with maximum capacity of 20A or more use patent pending shared hybrid relay technology which can prolong the life of switched PDU by preventing arc that occurs during switching of high current loads. Moreover these switched PDUs themselves consume very less power compared to any competing products in the market, for instance, the SPDU-108M model consumes less than 3 Watts of power when all 8 outlets are in ON state. Users can access, control, and configure switched PDUs through user friendly web interface, SNMP or CLI/Telnet interfaces. To learn more about smart PDU features click here.

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