SPDU-108L: 120V/15A Low Cost Smart PDU with Outlet-level Energy Metering

SPDU-108L: 120V/15A Low Cost Smart PDU with Outlet-level Energy Metering

The SPDU108-L is a low cost smart PDU (Power Distribution Unit aka Web/Remote Power Switch) can help you cut your electricity bill by up to 30%. Whether you have a home office or run a small business, you can save big on your utility bill by automatically turning off idle equipment using the smart PDU energy saving features. This is also one of simple way to reduce carbon footprint.

The SPDU-108L is the only smart PDU currently in the market with comprehensive outlet/socket level remote power management in compact Desktop or Wall-mount form factor. It targets small businesses, home offices and educational institutions those who prefer to use desktop form factor over rack mountable ones.

The SPDU-108L supports advanced socket level energy monitoring with billing-grade accuracy and intelligent remote on, off or reset. It is an 8-Outlet smart PDU that can be managed using web-based GUI, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) or Telnet. We donít charge extra for the software that comes with the pdu; moreover, your energy data is stored locally as opposed to the paid web services mandated by other energy saving solutions. Typical applications include:


  • Reboot of hung up equipment from remote or via internet
  • Automation of shutdown and start up procedures of IT equipment
  • Web-based smart power strip where any two outlets can be configured as master outlets


  • Web-based real-time power monitoring of up to 8 equipment
  • Web-based AC power line monitor with 100mV resolution
  • Web-based data logger: up to 16 parameters at one minute interval
  • Low cost 8-Channel remote power quality analyzer: up to 14 electrical parameters can be captured at 1 sec interval through SNMP with client side data logging

It allows to monitor up to 17 parameters in real-time.

  1. True RMS Line Voltage (Volts)
  2. Line Frequency (Hz)
  3. Outlet True RMS Current (Amps)
  4. Outlet (Real) Power (Watts)
  5. Outlet Accumulated Energy (Watt hours)
  6. Outlet Reactive Power (VAR)
  7. Outlet Apparent Power (VA)
  8. Outlet Cost ($)
  9. Power Factor (value between -0.95 to 1.00)
  10. Phase Angle (value range from +180° to -180°)
  11. Total (Real) Power (Watts)
  12. Total True RMS Current (Amps)
  13. Total Accumulated Energy (Watt hours)
  14. Total Reactive Power (VAR)
  15. Total Apparent Power (VA)
  16. Total Cost ($)
  17. Temperature (FahrenheitF) / CelsiusC))

Click on the following video to watch UI demo of the smart PDU. You may want to select full screen option with 720p or 1080p quality for better clarity.

Model Number: SPDU-108L
Input / Output voltage: 100-120V AC
Maximum Capacity: 15A (12A Agency derated)
Form factor: Desktop or Wallmount
Input plug type: NEMA 5-15P
Number of outlets: 8
Outlet type: NEMA 5-15R
Maximum output current per outlet: 15A
Maximum Dimensions: 14.5 x 4 x 2 inches (WxDxH)
Hardware Features: Outlet (socket) level Current & Power (Active, Apparent, Reactive) monitoring, Voltage, Frequency, Powerfactor & Temperature monitoring, Zero Crossing switching, Overload protection, Real Time Clock, Timer for automated switching, LCD.
Software Features: Web based User Interface, SNMP, DHCP, SYSLOG, SMTP, NTP, comprehensive energy report & more. The comprehensive report feature allows smart PDU to be used as a power line monitor.
Lead Time: Ships in one day

To learn more about SPDU-108L smart power distribution unit, click on Features, Specifications or Resources tabs below.

Weight 3.00 lbs
Sale price: $399.00
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Note: you must order at least 20 items
Remote On/Off/Reboot The individual sockets can be switched on/off from remote using a Web based user interface, SNMP or Telnet. This is useful when you want to switch off equipment that are not in use or reboot the locked-up equipment from remote.
Socket level real-time power monitoring Individual socket level power monitoring feature helps to reduce energy costs by identifying the energy abusing equipment. It also provides information about quality of the power. You can monitor up to ten power parameters such as RMS voltage, RMS current, Real power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Energy, Cost, Power Factor, Phase Angle and Frequency in real-time.
Schedule Timers The spdu-108l supports two schedule timers via web user interface to schedule a planned shutdown or power cycle equipment at specific day, date or time.
Outlet level overload protection The individual outlet level overload protection feature not only helps to protect equipments from overload but also prevents downtime of other equipments connected to same switched PDU as well as the equipments on the same electrical circuit. It does that by switching off the abusing equipment that prevents tripping of branch circuit breaker. It is like having dedicated circuit breaker for each equipment connected to this PDU. The overload condition will raise an alarm and notify users through SNMP trap, Syslog message and Email.
Master outlet control Master outlet control feature allows users to assign one of the outlets as master outlet for other outlets. This feature is useful when you want to switch off all other outlets when the master outlet is switched off or the system/equipment connected to the master outlet goes to standby mode (drawing very little current).
Local LCD display The LCD character display on the front panel displays important information such as Hostname, IP Address, Outlet Status (whether on/off/alarm) and Total Current Consumption in Amps. This is useful when users are near the PDU to connect equipments to the PDU's outlets; they will be able to monitor input current and outlet status that might help to avoid any overload. The LCD display also helps to identify ip address of the PDU at the time of installation or when users use DHCP.
Temperature Monitoring The built-in temperature sensor can help to identify poor cooling/hot spots that helps to make cooling more efficient by creating clear path to the high density equipments/racks. If the temperature is more than certain thresholds, an alarm will be raised and notified through SNMP trap, Syslog message and Email.
Socket level comprehensive reporting There are three levels of reports supported: hourly, monthly and snapshot. The hourly report shows energy consumption for the day on hourly basis. The monthly report shows energy consumption for the whole month on daily basis. The snapshot option on the other hand allows capturing of all parameters (except voltage and frequency) at one minute granularity for each socket.
User Interfaces User can configure, monitor and control the PDU through user friendly web interface. It also supports control and monitor through SNMP and telnet interfaces. The web interface uses AJAX for providing near real-time update on current consumption for each outlets, total current, Temperature and outlet statuses.  For details on the user interfaces click here.
Conserve Energy and Save Money! Significant cost savings are realized when using socket level energy monitoring combined with its intelligent remote on/off switching features such as schedule timers and master outlet control.

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