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Go Green & Save

Echola Systems Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are next generation smart switched PDUs with more granular, outlet level power management at the lowest price on the market. They not only supports measurement of power consumed by any IT equipment connected to each of its individual outlet or socket but also intelligent switch control (on/off/reset) of each outlet or socket. All models of smart switched PDUs support power management features that help to save energy either directly or indirectly which ultimately saves you money. These features are critical because using less power in the first place is a smart way to be greener.

According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), as much as 10 percent of a typical electric bill is spent on “standby” power – the power consumed while products are turned “off” or otherwise performing no useful function! The Echola Systems smart PDUs can help to save energy by shutting down unused equipment through scheduled shutdown or manual shutdown and Master outlet control features. The scheduled timer is used to schedule a planned shutdown or power cycle at specific day or date and time. Master outlet control feature allows users to assign one of the outlets as master outlet for other outlets. This is useful when you want to switch off all other outlets when the master outlet is switched off or the system/equipment connected to the master outlet goes to standby mode (drawing very little current).

spdu-108l The individual outlet level current monitoring feature helps to reduce energy costs by identifying the energy abusing equipment. It uses patent pending current sensor sharing technique to provide snapshot of current consumption of any outlet at any given time. It also allows users to continuously monitor outlets by polling based on their variations in the current consumption. The total current can be monitored in real time using Ajax based web interface. Users can also run monthly or hourly report on average current/energy consumption based on the total input current.

The new model SPDU-108L (as shown on right) supports advanced metering with qualitative measurements such as power factor which can used to find out PF abusing equipment and thus avoid penalties.

The built-in temperature sensor can be used to identify poor cooling/hot spots and thus it helps to rearrange things so that air can make its way to high density equipments/racks making cooling more efficient. If the temperature is more than certain thresholds, an alarm will be raised and notified through SNMP trap, Syslog message and Email.

PDUs with input capacity of 20A or more use hybrid relays for switching the outlet compared to competing products that use either conventional electro-magnetic relays or solid-state relays. Both these relays have problems of their own; Heat is the primary cause of failure as well as wastage of energy in solid-state relays, while electrical arcing is the primary cause of failure in electro-magnetic relays. The Echola systems PDUs use patent pending shared hybrid relays which are designed to take advantages of each technology to offset their weaknesses. So our smart PDUs themselves consume very less power compared to any competing products in the market, for instance the SPDU-108M model consumes less than 3 Watts of power when all 8 outlets are in ON state. To find more details about hybrid relay click here.